Eternal Soundcheck

Matt Earle & Nicola Morton - s/t CD-R

Chemical Imbalance

Limited edition of 25 copies with hand made packaging.

Words from the label:

Two new lengthy super lo-fi untitled tracks - Brilliant droney ambient noise soundscapes from prolific local DIY experimental team - Matthew Earle [from endless outsider projects/bands -Muura,xNoBBQx,Stasis Duo,Craft Bandits,SSS,Antipan,Love Chants,Bitter Defeat,etc.etc. & the brains behind Breakdance the Dawn tape/cdr label] and Nicola Morton [CSW,Bad Intentions,Wardenburger,etc. & Smoking Cones cdr label]. Edition of 25 uniquely housed CDRs.

- Chemical Imbalance

Format:  CD-R

Year of release:  2015

Label:  Chemical Imbalance (CH.IMB.002)

Country:  Australia