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Masami Kawaguchi - The Mad Guitar Sings LP

Black Petal

Words from the label:

The first solo studio recordings to ever be released by one of the greats of modern Japanese psychedelic rock, Masami Kawaguchi.

Masami has been a member of some of the greatest Japanese psych bands of the last 15 years - Miminokoto, New Rock Syndicate, Los Doroncos (with Doronco of Les Rallizes Denudes), Aihiyo (with Keiji Haino), LSD March and Broomdusters.

“the mad guitar sings” is a dark alone take on Masami’s signature sound. Late night-early morning comedown blues and black luminescent storm-song feature in equal measure. Masami’s voice is the true updating of the enka tradition: no rehash or nostalgia, just the bleak lonesome heart that runs through enka’s core.

- Black Petal

Track list:


In The Deep Sea

From The Dream

The Mad Guitar Sings


Colors And Sounds



Format: 12" vinyl LP.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2015

Label:  Black Petal (#1201)

Country:  Japan