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Mad Nanna - I've Been Talking 7"

Little Big Chief


Words from the label:

"Little Big Chief is proud to announce the US pressing of Melbourne, Australia's Mad Nanna's first 7" EP! After a criminally small amount of the initial press on the band's own imprint, Albert's Basement, made it to the sovereign shores, we deemed it necessary to get this in the hands of more willing participants! Comparisons to the rockier side of Shadow Ring, or a looser feeling Icky Boyfriends are apt, but this little sucker really has a feel of its own. Amateurish in all the right ways." Little Big Chief

Track listing:


I've Been Talking


I Made Blood Better

Format:  Vinyl.  7" Single.  33 RPM.  A US repress, this is a second edition of 300 hand numbered copies.  Black vinyl.

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Little Big Chief (LBCR-001).  Originally released on Albert's Basement.

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"Fantastic debut by a Melbourne quartet (although one side is performed by just two of 'em) who slide around the outer fringes of contempo underground Noise based kindness.  You could namecheck everyone from The Screamin' Mee Mees to Alastair Galbraith, but you still wouldn't hit on exactly what it is these folks do.  Based on many of the same tropes that made first generation Flying Nun groups so immaculate, Mad Nanna's obtuse lo-fi-ness pushes things into a very special place."  Byron Coley, Wire Magazine.  July 2011 issue.