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Mad Nanna - I Made Blood Better LP

Negative Guest List

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Track listing:


1.  Deck Song

2.  Court Bent

3.  You Can't Expect It

4.  My Two Kids


1.  I Made Blood Better

2.  If I Don't Sleep Tonight

3.  I Hit A Wall

4.  Just Before The Sun Hits Down

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Edition of 500 copies.  

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Negative Guest List (NGL027)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"Massively anticipated debut LP from this amazing no-technique downer rock/pop group from Melbourne, Australia who slouch around the basement with alla the primitive elan of The Scrotum Poles/The Shaggs et al: I Made Blood Better is a fully reworked and expanded edition of their original cassette on Goaty Tapes (specifically: five re-worked tracks and three new ones), a staggering navigation of brokedown de-tuned guitar, expiring rhythms and hypnotic downer vocals that should appeal to anyone who ever wept over the first couple of Shadow Ring albums and who thinks the second Godz album was ‘too musical’. Mad Nanna have such a profoundly personal take on the sound of collapsing universes that they rival early Kousokuya and the first Royal Trux album in terms of falling apart to stay together. The battered ‘folk’ edge has a lot in common with the wayward appeal of the early Jandek sides, with the same kind of slowly expiring/barely articulated ‘blues’ guitar runs that define his most ‘out’ sides but with a vocalist that almost out-does The Dead C’s Michael Morley in terms of narcoleptic/beyond the long blank appeal. Stunning songwriting at a wildly distended peak from a group that have virtually re-written the aesthetics of idiot-avant. Profoundly strung out, idiotically moving, highly recommended!" - Volcanic Tongue