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Love Chants - First Sessions CS

Breakdance The Dawn

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Track list:


Love Chants


Love Chants

Label:  Breakdance The Dawn (b.d.t.d 159)

Year of release:  2012

Format:  Cassette tape

Country:  Australia


"As someone who hasn’t seen Love Chants at a show yet, I’m very surprised by what I’m hearing here. Love Chants is Anthony Guerra (Black Petal), Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn) and Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna). The group is split between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, so live performances are something of a rarity. Never mind though(!), because a trickle of releases have begun to emerge: Breakdance the Dawn just released a First Session CD-R, and a forthcoming EP on Quemada, which is due in early 2013. These songs are reminiscent of Loren Connor’s quieter “airs” at times (he calls ‘em that), which isn’t something I expected from a group with ties to X-Wave. Surprises are the best thing." - Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine