Eternal Soundcheck

Loose Grip - Cereal 7"

Bedroom Suck

Track listing:


Light Me Up




Maccy D's

Wipe The Slate

Format:  Vinyl.  7".  33 RPM.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR 019)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"These guys don’t wear shirts in public and have crappy tattoos and walk around their houses in the morning with their dicks flopping around, eating cereal with full fat milk. They smoke bongs habitually, and they play fast American sounding hardcore music, practicing sporadically. They spew after they drink a lot, and they love the feeling of it. At least one of them doesn’t know their real father." - Brendon Annesley, Negative Guest List zine

"First wave USA hardcore without the macho and a bit o’ added weirdness…one of the best bands I saw this year." - Nic Warnock, RIP Society