Eternal Soundcheck

Liam Kenny - The White Man Is Oppressor CS

Eternal Soundcheck Records

Edition of 50 tapes with download code included.  Dubbed at Eternal Soundcheck HQ with hand made covers (numbered).

The White Man Is Oppressor" is the new solo album by Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins, Silly Joel & The Candymen, Roamin' Catholics, The Friendsters). Following on from his 2014 covers album A Kenny For Your Thoughts (It Records), TWMIO embodies the virtues of lo-fi bedroom RnR to rail against contemporary Australian right wing media and politics. Over 8 tracks (including a cover of The Ramones "Today Your Love Tomorrow The World") Kenny wields his loner magic into punk anthems reminiscent of American underground rock acts such as Mordecai, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, and The Rolling Stones.

Track list:


Twisted Selecta

Culture Gap

All Day

The Problem Is In My Mind



Today Your Love Tomorrow The World

Border Fetish

Whistle Blower

Format: Cassette

Year of release:  2016

Label:  Eternal Soundcheck (ESC005)

Country:  Australia