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Leighton Craig - 11 Easy Pieces CD



Words from the label:

Since 1995, Brisbane resident Leighton Craig has etched out a varied musical existence, from solo keyboard studies to an extensive body of collaborative work.

His solo works, which span delicate ambient keyboard excursions through to site specific live documents and most recently song based explorations, have mapped out a focus of tone, duration and 'situations' for sound.

On 11 Easy Pieces, his first widely available solo LP, Craig offers an intimate yet robust collection of works recorded on an array of cheap analogue keyboards, including his instrument of choice the Casio MT40. Recorded to cassette at the kitchen table between 2003-04, these recordings have been lovingly toasted by valve tubes during mastering to reveal not only a true sense of analog adventurousness inherent to Craig's mode of operation, but also his ability to unveil a rare tonal richness from his instruments. 

Leighton Craig casts out an audio net and collects together an essential haul of tonal gradients, phased rhythm and collapsed chordal interplays. 11 Easy Pieces (and two somewhat less 'easy' works), is a warm collection of distorted hymnals and blurred geometry - all of them visionary in their purity and timbral sensibilities.

Track list:

The Fifth

One Easy Piece

Vertical Lines Descending

Self-Portrait, Underwater

Another Easy Piece


Circle Of Thoughts

In Memoriam

The Question Answered

Signal Pattern


The Last Easy Piece

Hymn For Agnes Martin

Format:  CD.  Fold out digi-pak with insert.

Year of release:  2008

Label:  Room40 (RM424)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia