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Lakes - Carved Remains 7"

No Patience

Black vinyl.

Words from the label:

The Follow up single to last year’s well received ‘Blood of the Grove’ LP from Melbourne based musician Sean Bailey under the moniker of LAKES. 

This 7” sees LAKES expand further on the sound established with ‘Blood of the Grove’ to embrace a fuller and more encompassing post punk approach. 

Post punk meets dark folk delivered with military like precision, for fans of DEATH IN JUNE and THE MOB. Mixing bleak pop with an underlying aggression, delivering stark melodies with understated power.

A true progression of sound and style, this 2 track 7” with jukebox hole comes housed in a stark black and white cover with printed inner sleeve. 400 on black vinyl, 100 on sunburst yellow vinyl.

- No Patience

Track list:

Side A

Carved Remains

Side B

A Face In The Ash

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2014

Label:  No Patience

Country:  Australia