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Knee Chin - Melting Upwards 7"

Bedroom Suck

Words from the label:

"Melting Upwards is Knee Chin at their most anthemic and direct, to the extent that listeners would be forgiven for warping this into their own cattle and/or cane! This band play a central role in the wave of new music spewing out of Brisbane, and this is the single that captures them at their best." - Bedroom Suck

Track listing:


Melting Upwards


Branded By Satan

Format:  Vinyl.  7".  45 RPM.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR 020)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"This single randomly showed up on my radar and I’m glad it did. The material might come off a bit sloppy at first, but that’s the whole idea they’re working toward here, which means right away this stuff could be hit or miss. The A-side “Melting Upwards” quickly brought a geographically-similar band like Kitchen’s Floor to mind with it’s gritty jangle, except overall this sound is much cleaner. It’s off-centered still to say the least, offering a perpetual wobble with wailing vocals and springy guitars leading the way. B-side “Branded by Satan” shows off their jangly sound again, filled out with strung-out guitars and spastic drumming, making for a nervous and unsettling vibe. This all helps suggest a poppy sound with some darker post-punk/noise rock leanings, but neither sound is particularly overwhelming. This makes for a nice balance between influences, but the pop always manages to overshadow the rest." - Styrofoam Drone