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Kitchen's Floor - Regrets 7"

R.I.P Society

Sold out.

Words from the label:

Released in 2010, RIP006, sold out in record time by R.I.P Society standards. Was supposed to be repressed for the Kitchen’s Floor USA tour but the plates would not cooperate. New plates were eventually made so here it is. People have attempted (and maybe even succeeded) to sell originals of this record at a price comparable to a delicious meal for two at an Italian restaurant. The blown out versions of KF favourites on this record plus one of my favourite Kitchen’s Floor songs 'Still Night' sound crude and wonderful and it can now be yours for a reasonable price.

- R.I.P Society Records

Track list:




Still Night

Label:  R.I.P Society Records (RIP006)

Year of release:  2013 (original pressing in 2010)

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"This is greyscale reprobate pop at its most unrelenting and if that sounds horrible to you then congrats: you’re in the majority." - Shaun Prescott, Mess & Noise