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Kitchen's Floor - Live In Brisbane 12" EP


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12" vinyl reissue of the 'Too Dead To Notice' cassette, originally released on Negative Guest List Records in 2010.  This is a recording of a live performance in Brisbane which happened in June of that year.   Includes liner notes by Joel Stern (Sky Needle, Soft Power, OtherFilm).

Track list:


1. Instro

2. Left

3. Regrets

4.  Woollens

5. Lander


1. Graves

2. Back Home

3. No Love

4. Kidney Infection

Format:  12" vinyl record.  45 RPM. 

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Quemada (QUE-007)

Country / Country:  Brisbane / Australia

Original Negative Guest List press release:

"Matt 'Newt in the Saucepan' Kennedy explores areas of shimmer not heard of since 1980s Dunedin. The duo of Kennedy on guitar and vocals and Julia Norris on drums is fleshed out with melodic stupor by Andrew McLellan of Cured Pink on organ. The result is a malaise of pickled heartache and non-stop downer hits, full of class and character." - Brendon Annesley