Eternal Soundcheck

Howling Gruel - Jolly Jape LP

Wormwood Grasshopper

Random colour vinyl.  Mastered by Matt Earle.  Artwork by Karl Von Bamburger.

"Howling Gruel are a Hobart band with two ex-Hammering the Cramps members, largely swapping out the latter’s moody seismological guitars for sweeping, flailing, droning keyboards. Their first LP, entitled Jolly Jape, is out now on Wormwood Grasshopper. Tracks like “Vladimir Investigates” and “Lady Puzzle” bounce and strum along much like other vintage acts from the Oceanic region, but stumble and fall on the cleared path, simultaneously aligning themselves with a loaded lineage and shaking off the shackles. Conversational vocals only hint at a melody, reminiscent of Russell Walker’s work with the Pheromones and the Bomber Jackets. Occasionally a song splits wide open, as on “Just Like Honey, Pt. 2,” the added urgency of the ensemble revealing a whole new vaulted sky under which the band stands alone. Singular, exciting stuff that can be had from Little Big Chief right now."(

Track list:


The Last Will And Testament of Alphonso Artemis

2 Many Trees

Let The Help Do That

Kalishnikov Skies

Making Perverts Happy

Aliens Ate Her Sisters

Mallard Spring


Vladimir Investigates

Heck & Brimstone

Just Like Honey, Pt. 2

A Jolly Jape

Lady Puzzle

Format: 12" vinyl LP.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2015

Label:  Wormwood Grasshopper (WG-08)

City / Country:  Hobart / Australia