Eternal Soundcheck

Hissey Miyake / Terrible Truths 7"

Bedroom Suck


Words from the label:

"Two of Melbourne’s absolute finest are gathered here on a measly seven inches of vinyl, and they aren’t grouped together without reason! Both have migrated to Melbourne from further-flung regional quarters (Brisbane and Adelaide, respectively). Both groups also tap into an early 80′s post-punk/disco sound; Terrible Truths with more of a crisp, modern sheen; while Hissey Miyake seem intent on investigating the exact point of mutation between NY no-wave and disco." - Bedroom Suck

Track listing:

A Hissey Miyake


Modern Life

B Terrible Truths

Don Juan

No Wind, No Waves

Format:  Vinyl.  7" Split.  33 RPM.  This is the second pressing and comes on white vinyl.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR 028)

City / Country:  Melbourne / Adelaide, Australia


"Terrible Truths, who have been receiving some well-deserved attention of late, team up with Hissy Miyake for two sides of early ’80s post-punk junk. The Terrible Truths side includes live favourite ‘Don Juan’, which has a percussive bounce that first drew the band comparisons with Pylon and ESG. The TT sound is more than that, of course, but the song is killer. Hissy Miyake – including twin sisters Mai and Lei Gryffydd on bass and guitar, respectively, and drummer Matthew Jonas from Aoi – smash a more no-wave vibe. 'Ghosts', with handclaps and off-time guitar, is a bit more “arty”, while 'Modern Life' has Mai and Lei sharing vocals on chorus and more of Lei's angular guitar." - Tim Scott, Mess & Noise