Eternal Soundcheck

Happy Times - Gross Registrable Tonnage 7"

Swashbuckling Hobo Records

Australia's only U-Boat themed rock n' roll band.  Members of Boondall Boys, Hymies, Chinese Burns etc.  This is their debut 7" EP.

Words from the band:

"All that is left of the crew of U47, frozen under the northpole for the last 60 yrs. A nuclear accident freed them from the ice to unleash some uboat inspired rock 'n' roll upon an unsuspecting public! Happy Times are here!!"

Words from the label:

"Debut release, four songs here from u-boat veterans Ker Leun Von Werft, Herr Doktor Gestien, Hans Von Krankel & AusFahrt! 
Features inner comic strip by Jonny Powell!" - Swashbuckling Hobo Records

Track list:


Der Stier von Scapa Flow

Chiko Roll


Happy Times Theme Song

Death from Below

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.  Includes comic strip detailing the origins of the band.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Swashbuckling Hobo Records (SH 005)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia