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Grong Grong / Slug Guts - Live At Club Grotesque CS

No Patience

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Words from the label:

A live document from 2011 capturing Australian rock and roll dysfunctionality at it's most pointed. Adelaide's GRONG GRONG are the stuff of punk rock legend. Forming in 1983, GRONG GRONG spent the next two years blazing a trail across the country, leading up to a USA tour with the DEAD KENNEDYS in 1985. Tragically, before they had a chance to unleash their own brand of noise rock on an international audience, a heroin overdose put a stop to the band leaving vocalist Michael in a coma for almost 9 months and left with difficulty walking.

25 years later and GRONG GRONG are back playing again, with this recording capturing one of their most fierce and aggressive performances since 1984. Dirty, downer, rock and roll mixing elements of THE STOOGES, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY and more, offering an excellent taste of what's to come on their upcoming 7" (first studio recording since 1986!) out on Nopatience Records in 2014. 

On the flip side, this cassette also captures one of the last SLUG GUTS performances before the band inevitably tore itself apart. Taking heavy influence from THE BIRTHDAY PARTY in their own words this recording captures 'a band completely collapsing in on itself who all hated each other with a singer who sounds like he is partially deaf and a drummer who doesn't even have a meth problem to excuse how fast he was playing' 

Fantastic live recording capturing the broken pint glasses, howling vocals, and fumble in the dark chaos that was this particular evening. Great! 6 tracks from each band plus an outstanding PIL cover from SLUG GUTS. 

Artwork courtesy of Sam McKenzie (OCCULTS). 

- No Patience

Track list:


Black Hell

Jack Hammer

Vlad The Impaler

Lie Before You Die

Who's Got it

Grong Grong




Chrome Crucifix

Blonde Hairs

Order Of Death (P.I.L.)

Coathanger Blues

Glory Holes

Format:  Cassette

Year of release:  2013

Label:  No Patience (NP:14)

Country:  Australia