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Grong Grong - Grong Grong LP

Alternative Tentacles

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Words from the label:

Self-Titled LP by Australian rockers from 1983!!!! Members later went on to form Kingsnake Roost and Hack (see virus 099). Charles Tolnay, Dave Taskas, Michael Farkas, and George Klestines. Cover versions of songs by MC 5 and the Meteors. Last copies ever of this classic slab of down under wax!

Track list:

Side A (Studio Side)

Grong Grong
Angel And Demons
Club Grotesque
Louie The Fly

Side B (Live Side)

Poor Herb
Looking At You
Hills Have Eyes
Who's Got It
Vlad The Impaler

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm. 

Year of release:  1983

Label:  Alternative Tentacles (Virus 49)

City / Country:  Adelaide, Australia