Eternal Soundcheck

Greatest Hutz - Volume 1 CS

White House Records

Words from the label:

"The official soundtrack for the Hommer Simpson web series, episodes 1 - 6 (including ads). Contains previously unheard material - S3inbluth: You Know You're the One Suite is a cassette-exclusive.

100 yellow cassettes."

Track list:


Live From News (Extended Mix)

Hommer Simpson 3 Suite

Cletus And Glick - Thuggin' In Springfield

Homm Grumm

Hommer Simpson 4 Suite

Hommer Simpson 5 Suite

Seinbluth 2 Suite


Hommer Simpson 6 Suite

Cletus And Glick - The Lard Lad Hustle

S3inbluth - You Know You're The One Suite

Hommer Fixes Dulk (Hommer 6 Deleted Scene)

Year of release:  2014

Label:  White House Records (WHR-004)

City / Country:  Newcastle / Australia