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Ghastly Spats - We're Breaking Through The Hymen! 7"

Heinous Anus Records

Sold out.


Track listing:

Side A

1.  Flesh Thing

2.  Sordid

3.  Kid

Side B

1.  The River

2.  Border Town

Format:  Vinyl.  7" EP.  33 RPM.  Edition of 300 copies.  Sleeve comes in 5 different colours.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Heinous Anus Records - ASS-001

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"A pretty stunningly fucked and out of nowhere record. The closest Aussie band I could pair them with is maybe Straight Arrows on bad shrooms, and Owen recorded this thing, so there. I really like this a lot, it's dark, punk and young sounding. Please ignore the "humor" of the EP title and label, this is seriously good."  RK, Terminal Boredom

"It all sounds kind of feral. The music that a Hollywood production company would use for the soundtrack of an apocalyptic film shot in Marrickville." Tim Scott, Mess & Noise