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Gerald Keaney And The Gerald Keaneys - A Word For A World CD & Zine

Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys

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The follow up album to 2012's "Through The Ages".  Undefinable Brisbane radical cult punk. 

"Colour printed CD comes in an aircraft vomit bag with colour label. The bag includes a 12 page A5 sized zine featuring a 2800 word science fiction story related to one of the songs, alongside various graphics and philosophical ideas. "

Track list:

Big Bang

Complete Stasis



The Good Bit Part 1

The Good Bit Part 2 Siren Song Of The Duck


No Guru

Time Travel

The Death Of David Hookes

Crazy World

Turn Off

Format: CD + Zine

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Self-released

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia