Eternal Soundcheck

Exiles From Clowntown - Fast One 7"



Limited edition of 100 copies in hole punched white paper sleeves & rubber stamped labels.

Track list:


Fast One



Format:  7" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2009

Label:  greatdividing (dd12)

Country:  Australia


Mysterious 7" from the wilds of Australia, Exiles are a loose trio who get together and play once in a while and these recordings are culled from a mammoth two hour jam/improv session while they all happened to be in the same town together earlier in the year. If I'm deciphering the tracks/sides properly from the limited info on the record, "Fast One" is exceptional for this type of free-roaming stuff. Running on an ominous bassline, the guitar jangles its way around the rhythm section and takes off an a couple adventures of its own. Sort of tough sounding in a burly and wordless Aussie way, this is no mere free jazz skronk improv shite. The flip is more drone, reminiscent of a Sonic Youth sound check with someone ad-libbing lyrics over it. Not something that's my cup very often, but as always, the Aussies do it right. The A-Side is really something special. I imagine a lot of people following the F.Nun/Xpressway/Siltbreeze trail would get a chubby from hearing this, and maybe even Aberrant/Black Eye fans like myself as well. And upon further investigation, this label seems ready to release the lost 100 copies of the post-feedtime Three Toed Sloth LP, an unheralded piece of early-Nineties Aussie rock that almost ended up on Aberrant but was self-released by the band instead. I imagine that got your attention... - RK, Terminal Boredom