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Exhaustion - Future Eaters LP


Sold out.

Second pressing on white vinyl with black sleeves.

Words from the label:

"Since crawling out of the antipodes Exhaustion have wasted no time dropping their debut long player, 'Future Eaters'. A heavy slab of trudge-boogie that hijacks Les Rallizes Denudes, drags em through Australia's deep suburban weirdness, and washes off the grime with a glass canoe. Cold-sweat noir memoir, recounting backwater crim-rock moves with venomously bleak humour and a post-apocalyptic din. Exhaustion deliver their damaged croons scraping and lurching on 'Future Eaters' – the perfect way to ruin what's left of your life. 

Featuring members of Ooga Boogas, Deaf Wish, Lower Plenty and Keith's Yard—if you wanted a background check."

Track list:


1.  Don't Fly Right

2.  Keep The Change

3.  No Place For A Holiday


1.  Your Memory Don't Want You

2.  Old Mickey

3.  Moon Out Tonight

4.  The Gambler

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.  Includes digital download card.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Aarght (AARGHT024)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia