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Eat Skull - Wild And Inside LP



Words from the label:

"Eat Skull's Sick to Death received worldwide accolades for its frantic pacing, unimpeachable lyric quality, and nugget after nugget of pop hooks buried under a gob of lo-fi muzz. On this follow-up, fans and critics will find a cleaner, more inimitable Eat Skull at work. Frontman Rob Enbom has outdone himself with both lyrics and structure on Wild and Inside, and the band as a whole rises to the challenge of nixing the lo-fi tag for a sound that's less... antecedent. Gone is the wall of crud that prevents discerning listeners from identifying the instrumental play-by-play; in its stead, a set of crafted songs recall the paisley punk of The Last and the rural-delica of Great Plains, as well as nodding to the sanguine pop of early Flying Nun bands such as The Double Happys. Wild and Inside is a grower for the ages. It breathes deep and exhales perfectly." - Siltbreeze

Track listing:


1.  Stick To The Formula

2.  Cooking (A Way To Be Happy)

3.  Heaven's Stranger

4.  You're With A Thing

5.  Nuke Mecca

6.  Who's In Control?


1.  Killed By Rooms

2.  Happy Submarine

3.  Talkin' Bro In The Wall Blues

4.  Surfing The Stairs

5.  Dawn In The Face

6.  Oregon Dreaming

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.

Year of release:  2009

Label:  Siltbreeze (SB124)

City / Country:  Portland, Oregon.  USA.


"Eat Skull's 2009 release, Wild and Inside is the follow-up to last year's great Sick to Death, both of which were released on the legendary Siltbreeze label. A great sophmore effort, featuring the same sound you've come to expect from Eat Skull: blown out, cut up, GBV-style production, fucked levels, buried melodies, etc. Features "Stick to the Formula," a highlight of their recent live set, and "Dawn in the Face," a real down and out acoustic dirge sesh, among many others. Another band whose records I feel will stand the test of time." - Cosmic Jams