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Eagle Boys - Kambalda 7"

Negative Guest List

Words from the label:

"The Eagle Boys were a foursome who had gathered from all corners of the globe (including two or three from Western Australia) to play a type of rock based music vaguely reminiscent of 76'ers like Wire, the Saints and X. They were based in London and played a handful of shows to few. Fans of modern Australian imports like Bits of Shit or Eddy Current Suppression Ring might find something to like here. Named for a notoriously bland national pizza chain (“tinned bomb shelter vegetables, powdered-dust bases, Carlingroyals20innitcheesesemenscrape, OAP skin-fold oil and frozen pie meat”), the Eagle Boys were and remain a truly great band that went well under the radar in their short tenure, and this EP-mastered by Iron Maiden's recording engineer- serves as a reminder that if you ain't heard of it, it must be good." - Brendon Annesley, Negative Guest List

Track list:




Taking Stock

Armadale Dance

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Negative Guest List Records (NGL017)

Country:  Australia


"London-based band of Australian travelers that barely existed from what NGL HQ tell us, but who had the good sense to both name themselves after a bad Aussie pizza-chain and record these tracks on someones broken tape machine before packing it in. "Kambalda" is a jittery punk number about starting brush fires in the Oz countryside that presents some Wire-like tenison as played by drunken louts sipping the meths. Actually, the drummer sounds pretty sober and great. B-Side has two shorter and punker broadsides which do remind me of a younger sounding Bits of Shit. Sleeve and label present different titles for the tracks which is always makes for fun. A-Side is a real treat, but the flipside shows some deceptive catchiness on repeats." - RK, Terminal Boredom

"Punk and requisite after-effects from a group of Australian ex-pats living in London. The band appears to be out of commission at this point, which is a shame as this is one of the better offerings I’ve come across in a while. They drive pretty hard, mimicking ’76 punk but coming out somewhere between the surf-borne tension of Agent Orange and the default aggression of a nth-gen competitor like Hot Snakes. This works on the first track “Kambalda,” the best one here, while the others take on a more simplistic punk-rock tack (chords, some jangle, some energy). Recorded in the raw, so as not to give away their hand. Eagle Boys take their name from a discount pizza chain in Australia, so I’m eager to find the American band who picks up this mantle, and names their band CiCi’s, or maybe Sir Pizza. Cool grab. Sleeve and label have different song titles for the two B-side tracks." - Doug Mosurock, Still Single