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Dry Mouth - Gone Troppo 7"

Vir Rash

Sold out.

2014 vinyl follow up to the excellent Astral Outback cassette.  Limited to 150 copies.

Words from the label:

Take the trip. First side will leave you baked at the beach, while the flip is so deranged your brain will be frothing!!

- Vir Rash

Track list:


Gone Troppo


Thumb Tax

Format:  7" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Vir Rash (VR13)

City / Country:  Melbourne / Australia


"The band name calls to mind one of the worst symptoms of marijuana consumption, while the music itself calls to mind some of the better. Dry Mouth works at a slow, narcoleptic pace and with a freedom which recalls the blazed chain of visual associations staring at a wall after a casual arvo bong can elicit. If you think I’m taking the drug references too far with this one, get a load of the album art above (provided by the inimitable Christopher LG Hill)."

Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine