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Division Four - 1983 Demo 12"

Smartguy Records

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Reissue of almost forgotten EP of incredible early 80's Perth synth punk.

Words from the label:

Unearthed by Stumbles of Perth, Australia’s hardcore heroes of yore Rupture, Division Four were only able to burp out a 6-song cassette in 1983 before they faded from memory. Whether this was due to apathy / indifference on the part of the band or the audience no one remembers but what they left behind leaves little doubt that they were on the right track sonically. Employing post-punk sounds along with dollops of menace, the band had little use for guitar and relied most heavily on their synthesizer and dual bass players for a sound that one wouldn’t be surprised to hear pouring from Gary Bushell’s earbuds. Oi! Division? Perhaps…

Track list:


Doctors Wife


Blank Prostitutes


I Was Walking



Format:  12" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of reissue release:  2013

Label:  Smartguy Records (SMART032)

City / Country:  Perth / Australia