Eternal Soundcheck

Discipline - No. 2 Autumn 2012


176 pages.  Colour.

Words from the publisher:

Discipline is a Melbourne-based contemporary art journal. It has a focus on longer, research-based essays, interviews and artist pages.

While based and published in Melbourne, the writers and artists who have contributed to Discipline are both local and international. In presenting longer-form essays, the journal aims to ground a new body of sustained intellectual writing about contemporary art that does not merely fall back on the crutch of ʻpluralityʼ as a means for theorising art after postmodernism and globalisation.

Discipline aims to publish highly focused essays that take on, critically and intelligently, the full strength of contemporary artworks, working through their specific concepts, histories, politics and materialities.






    Nicholas Croggon & Helen Hughes Editorial

    Amelia Barikin  Time Shrines Melancholia and Mourning in the Work of Ash Keating

    Francis Plagne  Matt Hinkley and the Embedded Mark

    Helen Hughes  Aestheticising Architecture / Architecturalising Aesthetics: Callum Morton and Bianca Hester

    David Homewood  RR / SK: Public Exhibition 

    James Parker  Retromania and the Atemporality of Contemporary Pop 

    Timothy Morton  Yukultji Napangati: Occupying Dreaming

    Helen Johnson  A Moment An Immeasurable Whole (on Mira Gojak)

    Emanuele Coccia (trans. by Connal Parsley)  End of Love

    Steve Salisbury  Kimberley Dinosaur Tracks

    Kate Warren  Unstable Realities in Omer Fast’s Five Thousand Feet Is The Best

    Adrian Martin  Price Tag

    Vivian Ziherl  Recommended Reading: LIP Magazine (1976-1984)

    Sarinah Masukor  All The News That’s Fit To Sing: Vernon Ah Kee’s Tall Man

    Tim Alves  The Telling Moment Revisited: Vernon Ah Kee’s Tall Man

    Nikos Papastergiadis  Can There Be a History of Contemporary Art?




    Maria Fusco  Editorial: The Human Word is Midway Between the Muteness of Animals and the Silence of God

    Nikolaus Gansterer & Moira Roth  The Hand & The Creature

    John Berger  Why Look At Animals?

    Yve Lomax  A Philosopher, A Cat, A Monkey and Nudity

    John Bevis  Mnemonics for Bird Songs and Calls

    Nikolaus Gansterer & Moira Roth  The Hand, The Creatures & The Singing Garden




    A Constructed World

    Elizabeth Newman

    Sandra Selig

    Kate Meakin


    Christopher LG Hill

    Paul Knight

    S.T. Lore

    Janet Burchill




    Annie Wu & Ziga Testen