Eternal Soundcheck

Discipline - No. 1 Winter 2011


112 pages.  Colour.

Words from the publisher:

Discipline is a Melbourne-based contemporary art journal. It has a focus on longer, research-based essays, interviews and artist pages.

While based and published in Melbourne, the writers and artists who have contributed to Discipline are both local and international. In presenting longer-form essays, the journal aims to ground a new body of sustained intellectual writing about contemporary art that does not merely fall back on the crutch of ʻpluralityʼ as a means for theorising art after postmodernism and globalisation.

Discipline aims to publish highly focused essays that take on, critically and intelligently, the full strength of contemporary artworks, working through their specific concepts, histories, politics and materialities.







     Nicholas Croggon & Helen Hughes  Editorial

     Francis Plagne  Salon des Independents: John Nixon as curator and publisher in the 1980s

     David Homewood  ‘Are you Serial?’ On Marco Fusinato’s recent work

     Nicholas Croggon  Stroking rough minutes into smooth hours: a short history of the music of Graham Lambkin

     Helen Johnson  Review: Christoph Mencke et al., The Power of Judgment: A Debate on Aesthetic Critique

     Connal Parsley  Christian Thompson and the Art of indigeneity

     Fayen d’Evie When Cracks Appear ... Pat Foster and Jen Berean and broken windows

     Liang Luscombe & Patrice Sharkey  Sympathies and Antagonisms: On Bianca Hester     

     Thomas Jeppe  Deceive, Inveigle & Obfuscate: an Interview with Joaquin Segura

     Discipline Questionnaire: Yanni Florence on Pataphysics Magazine

     Ash Kilmartin  Review: Hotel Theory

     Shelley McSpedden  Interview with Raafat Ishak and Tom Nicholson    

     Michael Ashcroft  Conservative Art Criticism? Matthew Collings on Contemporary Art

     Sarinah Masukor  Review: Michael Fried, Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before




     Vivien Ziherl  Editorial: Corridor

     Nine Yamamoto-Masson  Flickering Hyperpresence: a conversation with Wolfgang Muller and An Paenhuysen

     Matthew Lutz-Kinoy  Artist pages

     Vivien Ziherl  Interview with Ben Kinmont

     Rebecca Cleman  Lean-to, just so ...




     Damiano Bertoli (cover art)

     Stuart Ringholt

     Helen Johnson

     Mira Gojak

     Annie Wu

     Charlie Sofo

     Sriwhana Spong

     Jackson Slattery 

     Matthew Griffin

     Joshua Petherick

     Jessica McElhinney

     Slave Pianos

     S.T. LORE




     Warren Taylor