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Dickhead Rescue - More Than... 7"



Members of Exiles From Clowntown, greatdividing etc.

Words from the label:

Dickhead Rescue rescues dickheads. Thankless acts of goodwill inspires ungrateful whinging noise. New York cities Ever/Never label hears via interweb and offers 7"release. A-side 'More Than...' is swiped folk from Michael Hurley rethunk as blown-out pop snarl shimmer. B-side appropriately entitled 'Erepeato' does donuts in a muddy paddock until the wheels fall off. Dedicated to dickheads in perilous situations everywhere. Never fear, Dickhead Rescue is here! Hear it loud,hear it now!

- ever/never


"Three guys jamming on guitar, bass and drums, exercises in instrumental tightness and endurance if not any manner of substance at all. They shoot the tube quite well, though the record plays with cheap tricks like out-of-phase mastering on More Than (the kind of treatment a lot of bands would outright reject at the test pressing phase) and practice space recording quality on Erepeato. If you ever went to Death By Audio and stood in the back room while some band slashed away out front, this should bring back a certain spatial memory, and their name has strong value, though rescuing said dickhead only to make them watch this band seems like a real Scared Straight tactic to me."

- Doug Mosurock

Track list:


More Than...



Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2015

Label:  ever/never 

Country:  Australia