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Dick Diver - Calender Days LP

Chapter Music

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Words from the label:


Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with second album Calendar Days, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again.

Previously known for their scratchy, dueling guitars and laconic delivery, Dick Diver throw a few curveballs on Calendar Days. The first sound you hear on the record is the tick of a drum machine, and there are keyboards, saxophones, pedal steel and piano throughout.

It’s also a much more collaborative affair than its predecessor. The first album was primarily written by guitarists Ru Edwards and Al McKay, with a contribution each from bassist Al Montfort (Total Control, UV Race, Lower Plenty) and drummer Stephanie Hughes (Boomgates).

But the vibe on Calendar Days is engagingly communal. The two Als trade verses on punchy first single Alice, while Steph sings most of the Ru-penned title track and shares vocal duties on expansive second singleWater Damage. Al Mc and Ru square off on Lime Green Shirt, while Al Mc and Steph share a resigned duet on one-take ballad Two Year Lease.

Calendar Days is the sound of a band growing up, and opening up. There‘s a beguiling, inquisitive eccentricity that runs throughout, combined with a non-flag-wearing but still classic Australian-ness, which makes for something of a modern classic." - Chapter Music

Track list:


Blue And That


Calender Days

Water Damage


The Two Year Lease


Lime Green Shirt

Gap Life

Bondi '98


Languages Of Love

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.  Includes mp3 download code.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Chapter Music (CH105LP)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"Dick Diver’s New Start Again was a wintry album of the beautifully mundane, its common themes and sounds lending it a cohesiveness that felt like shared stories from a singular point in time. In recording its follow-up, Dick Diver seem less inclined to flow seamlessly between events; whereNew Start Again gave you a long winter, the loosely assembled collection of tracks on Calendar Dayspresent four seasons in 35 minutes.

Summer features on ‘Alice,’ autumn on ‘Gap Life,’ winter and spring on ‘Water Damage’ and ‘Two Year Lease’. As these songs swing from the optimistically sunny to the desperately cold, the album’s title becomes all the more appropriate. In the same way you would a discarded calendar, the album looks back at a varied year of a household’s life. Minor appointments are scrawled on the vertical that mean little to the outsider, but with the filled-in details added, link a night shift with a life crisis, a grocery list with an awkward encounter, exclamation marks with a wasted holiday. The simmering anxiety of youth that New Start Again so ably recounted still remains on Calendar Days, but now its ideas are thrown out in sprawling directions, reassembling on the hastily built foundations of distracted details and retrospect." - Max Easton, Mess & Noise