Eternal Soundcheck

Degreaser - Sweaty Hands LP

Negative Guest List

Follow up to 2011's "Bottom Feeder" LP.  Tim Evans of Sea Scouts, Bird Blobs etc.

Track list:

Side A


Missus Etc.

Shithouse Man

Shit On The Fire

Side B

You're Too Tall For Me

Sweaty Hands

Eyes Without A Face

Home Late Again

In A Hole Outside The Hole

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Negative Guest List (NGL040)

Country:  Australia


There are lots of colours here, but none of them you’d associate with happiness. There’s an almost malevolent pursuit of satisfaction, but the way Tim Evans sings it’s like he’s always very far away from reaching it. He sounds like he’s keeling over, clutching a signpost, gasping for air. His voice doesn’t sound like it’s communicating at all, but instead making sure that it’s at least still there. The way Sweaty Hands is mixed, it kinda just glides over you like some sickly red gel: it’s a mass of phlegm-like texture, warm like a womb but impure, and frankly, not good for your health. 

Sweaty Hands is a convincingly modern blues record: its neurosis isn’t borne of heartbreak or even poverty, but instead an overwhelming dread at the spectre of the Earth: everything is a silhouette, and its emergence from the shadows is a thing of horror. Imagine being so drunk on cheap spirits that all you can do is lazily struggle in the corner while it approaches you – that thing, mass or phenomenon. That’s what Degreaser sounds like: doomed. There’s not a shred of idealism or hope. An appropriate direction for the blues, then.

- Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine