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DeadShred - Thousand Yard Staring Competition CS

Tenth Court


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Words from the presser:

"DeadShred's debut EP ‘Thousand Yard Staring Competition’ channels early Christian Death sermons, which have been relocated Australia, ref. the middle of nowhere. Front man, Falco Clat (aka Andrew Ford) brings his cast of malevolent characters along for the ride who could have been plucked right out of ‘Wake In Fright’. The band seem to be going down the darker, lesser known territories ala Inca babies, playing around ideas from ‘Metal Box’ and funk side of Factory Record bands like ACR. Helena Papageorgiou (Feathers) plays the guitar she has this great trick – the more times you listen the more nuances you can hear. She be channelling RSH’s signature scratch and she has these odd barbed melodies – sometimes the sweetest things sting. Harry Byrne (Per Purpose, Sewers) switches the strings for stumps as he pummels the kit with all the leverage his lank affords (gotta see him in person). Matthew Ford (Thigh Master, Black Vacation) holds down the poppin’ and lockin’ his bass-ing isn’t conventional, however, it adds a dancin’ depth to the depravity. The title of this tape alone is worth the price of admission, and everything else is the fucking cherry on top."

-Shan Corrigan (Sewers)

Track list:

Side 1


Dead Dunno

Side 2


Push It

Format: Cassette

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Tenth Court (TC007)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia