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Cured Pink - '11 Put Aside EP

Another Dark Age

Words from the label:

The second release via Another Dark Age is a solo EP from Brisbane-based project, Cured Pink.

'11 Put Aside was compiled from Andrew McLellan’s solo work as Cured Pink, and is a critical precursor to the project’s current incarnation as a four-piece band.

On ’11 Put Aside, Cured Pink channels an anxious energy reminiscent of Cromagnon’s LP for ESP Disk (1969) and shoves it onto the dancefloor.

The B-side was recovered from destructive recording sessions across Indonesia, deep within Cured Pink’s solo phase (2011). ‘Sydney; Malang; Brisbane; Bandung; Jogjakarta’ is a devastating journey that features the drumming of Senyawa frontman, Rully Shabara, and recorded material from Vacant Valley boss, Peter Bramley.

With only a handful of releases Cured Pink can lay claim to a specific Australian sound that references the gamut of avant-rock, dance music and power electronics. But more than this, ’11 Put Aside is a singular piece of the puzzle that makes up Brisbane’s unhinged and isolated scene.

- Another Dark Age

Track list:


As Enderie Nuatal


Jogjakarta Runny Dog

Sydney; Malang; Brisbane; Bandung; Jogjakarta

Format: 12" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Another Dark Age (ADA002)

Country:  Australia