Eternal Soundcheck

Community - A Compilation of Hobart Music CD

Rough Skies

Compiled by Julian Teakle.  Mastered by Greg Wadley at Spill Studios.

Words from the label:

Let's make one thing clear: you cannot know Hobart music from this compilation alone. Our musicians move faster than you can see; "Community", the first release on new Hobart label Rough Skies Records, is the best we can do to capture a few still moments in this constant state of flux. They share equipment, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, even members. Some of the bands have since broken up or been stripped down to solo projects. Some of the solo projects have since been built up into bands. Some of these songs have never been released before, others come from singles, EPs & albums you'll never find again. 

We scoff at your concern about our cold weather and supposed isolation, and revel in the rumour that Victorian premier John Brumby spent a weekend down here not long ago, caught a few shows at the Brisbane Hotel and the Alley Cat Bar, and is at this very moment drawing up plans to drop Melbourne somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea for a couple of years to try and achieve the same effect. It'll never work. You can't manufacture this sort of talent. 

- Rough Skies Records

Track list:

Ivy St - Bright Eyes

Anthony Rochester - You're A Singer Now

Our Sails - Notes From A Fighter

Charles Du Cane - Shoot Straight

Billy Whims - So It Goes

The Love-In - Hitting C

Drunk Elk - Quintessence

Kindwinds - Invisible Brave

Liam Constable - I Truly Care For You

Moe Grizzly - Stereo/Lowlife (live)

The Native Cats - Little Me Belongs To Little You

Paint Your Golden Face - Torrents Of Water Subsumed Their Villages

Peter Escott - Every Inch Of You Is Gold

All Fires The Fires - Headlights (live)

Hey Mook - Southerly Buster

Soundtracks Will Dissolve - Expire

The Que - Fern Tree Recording Excerpt

The Vivids - Tighten Up Your Skates

Transcription Of Organ Music - Eye For An Eye

Format:  CD

Year of release:  2010

Label:  Rough Skies Records (RSKYR01)

City / Country:  Hobart / Australia