Eternal Soundcheck

Community 3 - A Compilation Of Hobart Music CD

Rough Skies

Compiled by Julian Teakle.  Mastered by Greg Wadley at Spill Studios.

Words from the label:

17 strange and striking recordings from Hobart music's radical fringe, itself made up of at least 17 separate and competing radical fringes. Many of these tracks are exclusive to this compilation; all are exclusive to this never-understood, never-estimated city. These singers and players are your new Tasmanian stereotypes, your fallback heroes when all others have failed you, your imaginary boyfriends and girlfriends to brag about to your incredulous classmates, your "How can you call me xenophobic? I listen to HEAPS of Tasmanian music". 

There is still no common thread to be found here, other than geography and relative obscurity. Fidelity varies wildly, as does instrumentation, as does intent. The songs are informed as much by the ice rink at Franklin Wharf that nobody talks about as by the modern art museum in Berriedale that everybody talks about. If you, like many others, are unable to parse and process musical expression without theme and narrative, may I suggest you pretend that all artists featured are uniting in protest against a particularly odious local government policy, and every lyric and sound condemns it in some oblique way, and imagine what that policy might be. If in empathy you feel the ache of our fictitious oppression, then through these songs you will become emboldened and radicalised, and our work will be done.

- Rough Skies Records

Track list:

Heart Beach - Weather

Small Black Lambs - City Of God

Dogtower - Trinkets

The Native Cats - Intimidation

Naked - Think About Death

Unfolding Vostoks - Bardo Rivers

Venuslight Overdrive - Impossible

All Fires - Persona

The Hunter - XVI

Treehouse - Interzone

The Anthony Rochesters - Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

The Lucky Dips - One Word

Machines Of Indeterminate Origin - Rejection Letter

Molle St Therapist - Ridding The City

Catsuit - Drowsy

Peter Escott - Unrepresentative

Mess O'Reds - Warm Beer

Format:  CD

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Rough Skies Records (RSKYR009)

City / Country:  Hobart / Australia