Eternal Soundcheck

Community 2 - A Compilation Of Hobart Music CD

Rough Skies

Compiled by Julian Teakle.  Mastered by Greg Wadley at Spill Studios.

Words from the label:

Right when you least expected it, naive little dears that you are, it’s that magical time again: Rough Skies Records proudly, boastfully presents Community 2: a compilation of Hobart music, another enchanting visit to the sleepy Tasmanian seaside town last seen in 2010’s Community. The first compilation was heard far and wide, disseminated, analysed, dissected; reviewed eagerly, dismissively, fawningly, hyper-critically; and finally hidden away in that awkward “various artists” corner of the CD cabinet between the Mojo Magazine covermount discs and the copy of Smash Hits ’93 left behind by an ex-housemate. How else to put it: here we go again! 

If we’re being literal about it, this is a collection of rare and exclusive tracks from Hobart’s current musical underground. For the artists involved, however, this compilation represents a collection of stolen moments in very busy lives: moments between workdays; between uni assignments; between children’s naps (or during, if they’re not too loud); between thunderstorms; between assassination contracts. They do what they can when they can, and when they do, it’s astounding. Listen to the individual songs and you’ll see they are beholden to no faction, fashion or movement. Listen to the whole disc and you’ll never hear the same idea twice. 

- Rough Skies Records

Track list:

Anthony Rochester - Copenhagen

Tiger Choir - Young Loving

Billy Whims - I STayed Out On The Porch Too Long

All Fires The Fire - This Awful Mess

Gutter Parties - Be The Right Kind Of Primitive

The Lucky Dips - Assistance

Manchester Mourning - Duffle

Treehouse - Silvertwenty

The Steadfast Shepherd - A Drift Of Snow

Drunk Elk - Factotum Vague

The Native Cats - K-Man

Mess O Reds - Love Me Dead

Naked - One Foot After The Other

Moe Grizzly - Form A Form

Machines Of Indeterminate Origin - M.O.1.O

Transcription Of Organ Music - By Frozen Rivers

Peter Escott - Circle The Wagons

Myblackson - Living Room

Format:  CD

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Rough Skies Records (RSKYR005)

City / Country:  Hobart / Australia