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Bremen Town Musician - Echo Dust Is All That's Left Of Us CD + DVD

Dusk Darter

Includes CD and DVD.  Numbered out of 100 copies.

Words from the label:

A published poet and guest member of many Brisbane bands (Scrabble, Gerald Keaney and The Gerald Keaney's, Wonderfuls, TRACEY) Marisa Allen lyrically explores desolation and isloation on her new album Echo Dust Is All That's Left of Us. Five years between albums and a whole new lineup sees Adam Sussmann on guitar (Xwave, Stasis Duo, Sun of The Seventh Sister) and Timothy Green on drum and percussion duties. Echo Dust is informed by Marisa Allen's transitional move to the city after living in rural communities and then subsequently finding her way to local DIY venue Real Bad. The tracks on Echo Dust Is All That's Left of Us were initially composed on the violin and the other instrumentation arranged to fit around this. The album was recorded twice with 3 different drummers at home using a yamaha tape 4 track and some digital protools. The second and final recording with Tim Green on drums became this album.

Track list:

Echo Dust (The Aerial)

Hollow Heart

Shed Your Skin

Monday Night At Rics

In The Harsh Light Of Day

Weeping Medusa

One Step Up

Nerve Child

The Radio The Disco

Six Years

Dog Gone Day

Format:  CD + DVD

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Dusk Darter (DD001)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia