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Bitch Prefect - Big Time LP

Bedroom Suck

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Track listing:


1.  Guess The Person

2.  Sunday

3.  Bad Decisions

4.  Okay

5.  Walk With Style

6.  Freezer


1.  For A While

2.  Dollar Blues

3.  Bad Times

4.  After Dark

5.  Summer Time

6.  Walk Through The Door

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Includes a bonus MP3 download of the album.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR 027)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


" ‘Big Time’ is the type of record that crosses age, occupation and tax brackets, and much of that relatable quality lies in the childish groans of vocalists Scott O’Hara and Liam Kenny, both of whom tend to inhabit the voice of the everyman. So when Kenny sings, “We were playing guess the person dead or alive/But the only person I was thinking about dead or alive was you,” it could just as easily be from the perspective of the forlorn teenager in the backseat as the cheating husband in the front. They piece together the events of Friday night before sleeping off the regrets on ‘Sunday’, and it recalls all the times you’ve done the same. These are songs written for all of us.

From the confused drawl of drunken disconnection on ‘After Dark’ to the depressingly anthemic ‘Bad Decisions’, Bitch Prefect don’t exactly open up to emote feelings all their own, but manage to hit the nail on everyone’s head. Across the record they admit, “There are other things I could have done a little better”; drawl, “I’m gonna go sit on the couch and relive the bad times”; and finally manage to sum up all the regret and self-delusion by repeatedly shrieking, “I’m okay” through the limping sprawl of ‘Okay’. This is a record that exudes eerily relatable drudgery, yet delivers it all with a grinning sense of charm." - Max Easton, Mess & Noise