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Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard DVD

Ghost Pictures

"From myth to legend Rowland Howard appeared on the early Melbourne punk scene like a phantom out of Kafkaesque Prague or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A beautifully gaunt and gothic aristocrat, the unique distinctive fury of his guitar style shot him directly into the imagination of a generation. He was impeccable, his tastes obscure. The austerity of his artistry was embodied in his finely wrought form, in his opinions and his wit. He radiated a searing personal integrity that never seemed to tarnish. Despite the trials and tribulations of his career, in an age of makeover and reinvention, Rowland Howard never ‘sold out’. 

With recent and moving interviews, archival interviews and other fascinating and original footage, AUTOLUMINESCENT traces the life of Rowland S Howard. Capturing moments with the man himself and intimate missives from those who knew him behind closed doors; words and images etch light into what has always been the mysterious dark."

A Ghost Pictures production.

Format:  DVD.  PAL format.  109 minute running time.

Genre:  Feature documentary.

Special Features:  Music videos, personal anecdotes, disclosures, dedications, and rare live performances.

Year of DVD release:  2012

Country:  Australia