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Arob / Soottyb - Split 7"


Words from the label:

"edition of 100 hand printed black on white paper sleeves & rubber stamped labels.

they sent me into space today

5 years in the making ! The basic track 'downer march' was recorded by arob in 2004 he added another track sometime in 2005 . 2006 he gave it to Soottyb on cd . In 2007 he handed it back to arob as 'they sent men into space today' . It was 're-mixed' in 2008 ... & finally in 2009 after a particularly fraught space mission here is 'they sent me into space today'.

cicadas birds + gtr

This is a field recording done at a fellow exiles house in the country combined with a home recording done in a bedroom in the city . Simple as that ... plays well on either 45 or 33 rpm ..." - greatdividing

Track list:


Arob - Circadas Birds + Gtr


Soottyb - They Sent Me Into Space Today 

Format:  Vinyl.  7".  45 RPM.  Edition of 100 copies.

Year of release:  2009

Label:  greatdividing (dd11)

Country:  Australia

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