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AO VHS Case Drone Machine

Analog Ordnance

Sold out.

Important stuff to know

Each unit is posted directly from the Analog Ordnance workshop, not from Eternal Soundcheck.  They are hand made to order and so may differ from the photos shown here.  Please allow a few extra days for postage, you will receive an email with a tracking number once the unit has been posted.

VHS Case Drone Machine

The Analog Ordnance VHS Drone Machine consists of three tunable square-wave oscillators and a internal modulation mixer.  Many different textures and drones can be created - phasing and ring modulation sounds are also available at different knob settings. Running the unit through various effects also opens up a lot of sonic capabilities.  Cheap multi-FX pedals are especially great for use on these units.

1/4" Mono output, takes 9V DC guitar pedal style adapter (center-negative).  Not included.

Each machine is hand built on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.