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AO Tubescreamer Clone

Analog Ordnance

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Important stuff to know

Each unit is posted directly from the Analog Ordnance workshop, not from Eternal Soundcheck.  As each unit is hand made, they may differ slightly from the photos shown here.  Please allow a few extra days for postage, you will receive an email with a tracking number once the unit has been posted.

TS808 Tubescreamer Clone

This unit is a modified, tweaked clone based on the highly prized and sought after TS808 Tubescreamer.  Component values have been tweaked to provide what I think is a great all round overdrive.  

The TS808 is easy to use, consisting of tone, level, and drive knobs - all right on the front of the pedal. The level knob is self explanitory, The tone knob, like the tone knob on most effects pedals, cuts or boosts the treble in your signal, and the drive knob dials in the amount of overdrive that will be applied to the guitar sound.

Like most overdrive and distortion pedals, this one is very easy to use and simple to dial in great tone. Be sure to play around with the tone and the overdrive knobs - you can greatly change the sound by a simple twist of a knob.  

This pedal does not take any battery, it uses a standard Boss-style 9-volt adaptor (center-negative only).

Each pedal is unique, handpainted and handbuilt by quality parts on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.