Eternal Soundcheck

AO Middle Finger Fuzz

Analog Ordnance

Sold out.

Important stuff to know

Each unit is posted directly from the Analog Ordnance workshop, not from Eternal Soundcheck.  As each unit is hand made, they may differ slightly from the photos shown here.  Please allow a few extra days for postage, you will receive an email with a tracking number once the unit has been posted.

Middle Finger Fuzz

Controls are Vol, Gain, Texture; Based on the no-longer in production finger print fuzz.

With the texture knob completely counter-clockwise, the gain ranges from warm overdrive to no frills distortion tones. As the texture knob is increased, the tones gain more upper mids and hi-end overtones and gets more and more complex with a jagged type of sound as the knob is turned.  

At about 2-3-o-clock an upper octave overtone starts to kick in and with the knob all the way up the pedal sounds the most unpredicatable, with octave overtones and a sputtering, highly textured fuzz tone. This pedal does not take any battery, it uses a standard Boss-style 9-volt adaptor (center-negative only).

Each pedal is unique, handpainted and handbuilt by quality parts on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.