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Anthony Guerra & Patrick O'Brien - Untitled LP + CDR

Black Petal

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Collaboration between Anthony Guerra (Love Chants) and Patrick O'Brien (Mad Nanna), with artwork by Joshua Burkett.  Limited edition release on 180 gram vinyl with included CDR of bonus material not on the LP.

Words from the label:

Two dogs meet in the street Stop Stare Bark

A well bred stud and a half feral bitch They circle sniffing each others arses Pulse rates rise and fall in excitement

False starts galore Bones bump Dogs fart

A growl and a nip on the behind

What good could possibly come from such a meeting

Nobody knows

That is why we watch

- Black Petal

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Format: 12" vinyl record + CDR.  33rpm.  

Year of release:  2015

Label:  Black Petal (BP46)

Country:  Australia