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Amateur Childbirth - Pripyat LP

Disembraining Machine

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Words from the label:

Pripyat is the second LP from Brisbane acoustic pop destroyer Amateur Childbirth, aka Ivan Matthew Hicks.  Recorded by Joel Stern (Sky Needle) in his old Grecian home over a protracted period through 2012-13 - It is an eleven part atonal poem to the desecration of the hallowed halls in Eastern Europe by UFO cults, a soliloquy to the radiation blossoming in the clouds from its broken windows as the populace flee down ropes.  Paul Slater guests on drums, Josh Watson (Sewers) on violin, and the Ecclesiastic Uprising of the Comet's Tail guest as spiritual & literary support.

Track list:




Heaven's Gate


Decommissioned Antibiotics



Toothache Of Poison Rain

Menopause In Reverse

Post-war Homes

Forever The Collapsing Sky

Beneath Bathory's Thighs

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Disembraining Machine

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia