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#459 - The Magic Mile LP


Sold out.

#459 is a code name for music enthusiast, independent music producer and audio visual creator Merl Beauregard.

Limited to only 25 copies, 'The Magic Mile' is an epic electronic outsider concept album dedicated to new experiences.  

The album is inspired from the Breakdance The Dawn label home of Real Bad Music on the outskirts of Brisbane.

This is a Peter King lathe cut poly-carbonate record.  Each record features original artwork hand assembled by #459 and includes either 8 or 9 12x12" glossy inserts, a novelty postage stamp and download code.

Words from the artist:

In a new town

Everything is unfamiliar
Like the back of your hand...

The life you didn't know about!?
Was happening all the time...

The D.I.Y. Generation

Track listing:

1.  Quad Ohm

2.  Newsflash

3.  Hazchem

4.  Strength In Numbers

5.  Mister Ginzu

6.  The Outskirts

7.  Sunbaked (Vitamin D)

8.  Labcoat

9.  Half Time

10.  Techtonic Plates

11.  In Touch

12.  360

13.  Community Service Announcement

14.  Moorooka (Real Train Music)

15.  Got A Light?

16.  D.I.Y

17.  Space Pony

18.  The Magic Mile

Format:  Lathe cut poly-carbonate record.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Edition of 25 copies.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  #459

City / Country:  Ipswich, Australia