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3 Toed Sloth - s/t LP

Slothful / greatdividing

Sold out.

This is the original 1991 pressing.  Record is mint but sleeves show slight signs of discolouration and storage wear.

Words from the label:

a brief history of 3 toed sloth 

Sharon & andrew were friends from queensland who had moved to sydney at different times in the 80's. Around 1987 they started going to rehearsal rooms mucking around drinking beer & playing music together. After a while they wondered how their racket would sound with a drummer ... one night in early '89 they rang tom a favourite drummer who's previous band had broken up a few months earlier & asked if he would come along & have a play with them, he said yes & they all went to along to a rehearsal room a few weeks later. They had fun & the racket now sounded better.  After that they kept going along every few weeks making their racket & drinking beer until somehow 3 toed sloth was ... born. The band then played about 20 shows over the next 3 years & self released an lp in 1991. Nobody much cared & it was mutual. Sometime in '93 they stopped playing mainly because of busy lives & their work commitments.

The story behind the last 100 lp's

These are original pressing of the record . There were 500 pressed , but there were only ever 400 covers done . They were all printed in one night but we ran outta puff sometime around midnight & just never got around to doing those last 100 covers ... completely forgot about them in fact . Until this box of 100 lp's were found under a friends house a couple of years ago .
After asking around to see if there was any interest we decided to get 100 new covers screen printed as per the original . So it's an 18yr old record in new cover , which i guess makes this a kind of limited edition of some sort . If anyone cares about that kind of thing ...

Track list:




Big Stinkin' Deal

Used To Be





Don't Last

One Last Drink


Dead All Over


Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.

"Pressed in an edition of 500 but only 400 picture covers printed. The remaining 100 copies were made available in 2009 with newly printed sleeves using the original design. Originals are dark blue while the reprinted sleeves are lighter blue. Original copies include a 2-sided printed insert."

Year of release:  1991

Label:  Slothful (DMX 78552)

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"This was probably the best Australian reissue of the year.  The gents behind Great Dividing records managed to uncover the final remaining 100 copies of this lost post-Feedtime (barely, as 3TS technically only featured ex-drummer Tom) record, and released them via their website with some spiff looking new covers.  And the music is excellent, even more primitive than Feedtime at their most wildly obtuse, and with a careless spur of the moment goes vibe that makes me assume that these men must have been righteously hammered when they recorded this.  A great pub record is what this is.  Also, 3 Toed Sloth.  Great band name mate!" - BA, Negative Guest List zine #7